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We have nearly 100 years of background in the science, skill, and art of baking and food product manufacturing – and we want to share some of this knowledge with you.

AIB’s consulting services offer you the opportunity to learn how to increase your efficiency, reduce waste and downtime, innovate new products, and improve product quality and consistency. Our seasoned and highly-skilled professionals customize their approach and assistance to meet your specific needs.


Our food product consulting services include:

  • Ingredient Substitutions
  • Our bakery professionals can help you simplify a formula or recipe to appeal to consumers and/or reduce overall costs or make changes to support a nutritional claim. Test a new supplier of the same ingredient to ensure functionality and similar finished product. Or schedule a consultation to comply with regulations for specific ingredients (partially hydrogenated oil, trans fat, fiber, added sugars).

  • Process Optimization
  • Schedule a trial to understand and improve dough characteristics and equipment settings to achieve an improved finished product.

  • New Line Start-Ups
  • Our professional consultants can provide technical assistance/troubleshooting related to mixing, proofing, dividing, sheeting, and baking for a production line.

  • Formula Optimization
  • Optimize your existing formula or recipe with a professional review and consultation with our baking experts. We’ll test your formula or recipe by making bench scale (small) batches and adjust ingredient ratios and processing parameters to achieve desired finished product characteristics.

Contact our experts to determine the consultation approach that best suits your needs!

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