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FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires validation of all preventive controls, including the kill step. This has created an industry-wide need to scientifically validate the thermal baking process to ensure product safety.

AIB International’s Kill Step Validation Consulting Program

Demonstrate that your baking process meets FSMA’s preventive controls requirements with AIB International’s Kill Step Validation Consulting. One of our trained consultants will visit your bakery to identify your oven’s cold spot, determine your product’s internal temperature, and calculate the lethality of your baking process against Salmonella spp. using our innovative Baking Process Kill Step Calculator.

Our experts use data logging equipment to validate your commercial baking process and assure that your kill-step is scientifically confirmed.

You’ll get so much more than a report showing the log reduction in your baking process – you’ll get peace of mind that your process works.

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