Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee (BISSC) Verification Program

Be certain your bakery equipment lessens the risk of product contamination and increases sanitation efforts and operational efficiency.

Do you need your bakery equipment American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-standard verified? With the BISSC Verification Program, one of our well-trained food safety professionals will audit your equipment against the ANSI Z50.2 Standards to ensure it is built with sanitary design.

How the Verification Program Works

We will evaluate the quality of your equipment against ANSI's Z50 standards and provide a report of all findings and recommendations for improvement. Passing the inspection allows you to display the BISSC Verified symbol and helps protects your company and customers from the risk of product contamination.

Who would benefit from the Verification Audit?

Bakery equipment manufacturers that want to be authorized to display the BISSC Verified symbol on their equipment will benefit from this verification audit. Equipment manufacturers can also become qualified to self-certify their equipment by taking the Certified Equipment Design for BISSC Certified course 

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