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Specialty Audits and Consulting

Add gluten-free logos to your packaging and advertising. Verify that vendors and suppliers are in line with your safety requirements. Provide important documentation for FSMA’s preventive controls requirements. These, and more, are special services offered by AIB International. Our specialty audits and consulting services are within strict requirements of the organizations that oversee particular certifications and guidelines. So you can rest assured that you will create the highest standard of safety and quality in every facet of production.

Check out the additional services offered by AIB International, and get in touch to set up your specialty audit or consultation.

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Woman inspecting a cereal box nutrition label
Gluten Free Certification Program
The Gluten Free Certification Program allows manufacturers to market their products with the CCA and Beyond Celiac (NFCA) logos!
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A food manufacturing facility
Supplier / Vendor Audits
AIB offers Supplier/Vendor Audits for a variety of food manufacturers, at significant cost savings.
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Environmental Monitoring Consulting Service
Environmental Monitoring Consulting Service
Reduce the risk of a food safety event and comply with current FSMA requirements.
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A man inspecting a switchboard
BISSC Verification Program
Be certain your bakery equipment lessens the risk of product contamination and increases sanitation efforts and operational efficiency.
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A woman inserting wires into hamburger bun dough to perform a kill step test
Kill Step Validation Consulting
Our Baking Process Kill Step Calculator enables bakeries of all sizes to meet the requirements of FSMA without having to invest in costly and ultimately redundant research.
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