Traceability Performance Assessment

Traceability Performance Assessment

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Get an unbiased and comprehensive review of your site’s written traceability program with our Traceability Performance Assessment.

This service can be added to any GMP inspection as an addendum to confirm the effectiveness of your facility’s traceability program and identify gaps in its application and execution. Your AIB International food safety professional will conduct a timed traceability response exercise that evaluates employee practices, understanding of responsibilities and documentation tracking.

How It Works

This assessment can be delivered alone on-site or virtually as a desktop assessment in a single day. When delivered as an addendum to a GMP inspection, this service does not require additional time.  An AIB International food safety professional will ask to see a facility’s traceability exercises in practice, evaluating each aspect of the plan to determine if employees are challenging themselves and taking any necessary corrective actions. This allows us to conduct a real-time trace exercise during the course of the audit and provides a deep dive into a site’s performance and team-member expertise.

Upon completion, AIB International will provide a detailed report that includes a program review and suggested corrective actions for a more effective traceability performance.

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