Foreign Material Control Assessment

Foreign Material Control Assessment

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Choose this assessment to optimize your current program and diminish concerns about physical hazards in foods.

Foreign Material Control Assessment was designed for any business involved in the food industry. At AIB International we’ve made it easy to provide a third-party review of your facility’s written program, policies, records, and supporting documentation of a foreign material control program.

The assessment allows for an examination of employee practices, employee interviews, as well as an inspection of plant and equipment conditions.

No matter the design of your facility, our Foreign Material Control Assessment, provides devoted time for corrective action discussions – shaping the future of your foreign material control program.

What can I expect from this assessment?

  • Thorough written report
  • Foreign material control devices review
  • Program evaluation
  • On-the-floor plant assessment
  • Refreshed view of QA’s understanding and purpose behind a foreign material control program
  • Assessment of compliance to GMPs related to foreign material control

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