FDA Preparedness Inspection

Are you ready for FDA’s new approach to inspections?

FSMA's preventive controls rules are now in effect and FDA inspections are changing because of it! Find out now if your plant is ready for your next regulatory inspection before the FDA inspectors arrive.

If you’re unsure whether or not your plant is ready for an FDA inspection, here are a few questions you should ask:

  • Is your regulatory policy in line with FSMA's requirements?
  • Do your employees understand your plant's policy for handling regulatory inspections and are they following it?
  • Are your employees executing your food safety plan the way it is written?
  • Have you followed FDA's guidance in implementing your food safety plan?

With AIB International's FDA Preparedness Inspection, you'll better understand what FDA inspectors are looking for in their new approach to inspections. When our inspectors test your facility's response, you'll gain effective solutions for compliance to FSMA-type inspections and reduce your risk of adverse events that would negatively affect your brand.

This is an excellent learning experience for any FDA-registered food facility (manufacturer, warehouse, or distribution center) in the United States, as well as those exporting to the US.

Bundle and Save!

Bundle your FDA Preparedness Inspection with a FSMA Readiness Assessment, GMP Inspection, or private FSMA training for an added value.

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What our clients are saying about AIB International's FDA Preparedness Inspection


"We were confident in our level of FSMA preparedness prior to the inspection. The visit was unannounced to even our plant manager, which allowed us to simulate an actual FDA inspection. If anything, this experience reminded us that we need to be audit ready at all times. Thanks to the feedback AIB International provided after our FDA Preparedness Inspection, we plan to implement a few revisions to our current programs for improved compliance. This experience was also beneficial for our managers that had not yet received FSMA training. Thanks to the training provided, we are now finalizing minor gaps in our FSMA compliance and are fully confident that we're ready to face our next FDA inspection."

--Alicia Pulings, Gonnella Baking Company