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Tip of the Week: The Best Way to Prevent Blueberries from Sinking in Muffins
Tip of the Week: The Best Way to Prevent Blueberries from Sinking in Muffins

There are a few things to consider when choosing to include blueberries in muffin batter. If you’re planning on adding a lightweight ingredient such as lemon zest, it doesn’t present many issues due to the insignificant weight. However, with a heavier weighted item, such as a blueberry, the control is in the consistency of the batter.

From a formulation standpoint, using driers to create a more viscous batter is a simple way to provide support for berries during baking. Gums and instant starches will thicken the batter and hold the fruit in place while also providing a more moist and tender crumb in the finished product. Other solutions may involve strengthening the batter through increased protein in the flour or an increase in whole egg.

Temperature control is another important process control point, as a warm batter will become too fluid and allow berries to sink before the structure of the product is set.

Lastly, keep your preparation in mind -- if your batter formula is naturally more fluid, you can deposit berries on top of the muffin just before entering the oven so that the structure begins to set by the time the berries are sinking into the product.

Alison Bjerke-Harvey, Baking Professional at AIB International, says the sinking blueberries dilemma is addressed in the Foundations: Batter Cakes course. Bakers who are looking to improve not only their cake-baking skills, but also their problem solving skills should enroll for this course.

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