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Sanitary Transportation Facebook Live Q&A
Sanitary Transportation Facebook Live Q&A

Senior Director of Client Development, Judi Lazaro took to Facebook Live to present her tips on sanitary transportation and AIB's latest Consolidated Standard for Inspection. Judi reviewed key FSMA requirements and advised on how to prepare a facility. We were not able to answer all the questions posted in the comments due to time limitations. However, we were able to answer all those questions and post them here.

+ Regarding exemptions to sanitary transport for completely enclosed packaging, what constitutes/defines venting of plastic bags?

Any product that is exposed is not exempt from the rule. Food shipped in a container that is partially open to the environment, such as a box, crate, a vented box with a top, or a vented plastic bag, can become contaminated during transportation.

+ One of the products we manufacture are in lined bags that are not sealed completely (bulk pasta in a lined bag, but the bag in this case is twisted, but not sealed) does the lining and taped box constitute enclosed product in regards to sanitary transport? The taped box in question is only taped along the length, not the width, if this matters.

This is an enclosed product and would be exempt.

+ If you're a co-packer, who is responsible for verifying driver training, the company that hires the trucking companies or the co-packer that loads the shipments?

The ultimate responsibility lies with the trucking company, but it would be in your best interest to ask.

+ How do I know if my trucking company is FSMA compliant?

I would ask if your driver has received food safety training. I would also suggest you ask the trucking company to demonstrate how they are complying with STA. Always good to keep this information in your records.

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