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Celebrating (AIB) International Day of Women and Girls in Science
Celebrating (AIB) International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Established in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science celebrates the contributions of women and girls to science and technology. At AIB International, hundreds of food safety experts around the globe work to ensure the enjoyment of food. In honor of this #womeninscience day, we are celebrating just a few of our colleagues worldwide, sharing their journeys in the STEM field and their advice for young girls considering a career in science and technology.

Introducing Cristina Bernal
Quality Assurance Manager, LATAM

Cristina Bernal

Food Safety has its foundations in multiple scientific disciplines such as agronomy, microbiology, biochemistry, food and life sciences to avoid foodborne diseases. Science is present in my every day working life, carrying out a Good Manufacturing Practices Inspection, or a Food Safety audit, delivering training, or consulting a customer.

“When I was a girl, most of my friends had their Barbies, but I felt powerful with my Bionic Woman doll dressed in her lab coat.”

Science can make you observe the world from a different perspective. If you are always full of questions of why certain situations occur in life and the universe, science can help you to find the answers. If you would like to know more of what your eyes can see, your ears can hear, and all your senses can perceive, science is an alternative that will not deceive.

Introducing Peg Ray
Technical Services Manager, NA

Peg Ray

Back in the early 1970s, Michigan State University had a brand-new food science building with only 40 students enrolled on a campus of 40,000. I remember my guidance counselor told me that this was a man’s world and that I wouldn’t make it, but I chose this as my career path, and here I am.

“A career in science gives you the opportunity to be part of the solution – the future of the world relies on the sciences.”

Science is used throughout the food industry all the time, but many people don’t realize it. For example, we use microbiology to establish effective microbial controls against pathogens. And, we also use biology to develop pest control programs. Without understanding and applying various science disciplines, the production and delivery of safe food to the public would not be possible.

In June 2019, AIB International hosted a Food First exhibit in our headquarters community of Manhattan, Kansas. Hands-on, interactive activities helped to inspire and educate the next generation of food safety professionals.

Introducing Vasudha Paul
Food Safety Professional, APAC

Vasudha Paul

Being a Food Safety Professional, I consider myself responsible for improving the food safety culture of the society in which I live – be it a street food vendor whom I tell about hygiene or school children whom I sensitize about the bad effects of tobacco addiction.

“I consider myself responsible for improving the food culture of the society in which I live.”

I also give occasional visits to small and medium scale Indian food businesses for improving their standards, completely free of cost. I am honored for my work by Indian Pest Control Association, Confederation of Indian Industry and Rotary Club International.

Introducing Esra Yesilay
Operations Manager, EMEA

Esra Yesilay

“I apply science every day in our mission to empower clients worldwide to improve food safety standards.”

From my background as Food Engineer, my knowledge of food science, food technology, biochemistry and microbiology is used in conducting food safety audits and providing guidance and ensuring standardization of the Food Safety Professionals reporting to me. A firm understanding of physics and chemistry is also essential to analyze food safety risks and to develop solutions where there are opportunities for improvement.

To learn more about statistics of women in science careers around the globe, click here to view our infographic.

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