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Selecting the Right GFSI Certification Scheme
Selecting the Right GFSI Certification Scheme

Selecting a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification scheme is an important piece of shaping your organization’s food safety culture.

AIB International offers helpful resources In selecting the right certification scheme, including this guide with information on the four certifications. While all GFSI-benchmarked audits have the same three core components – HACCP, prerequisite programs and management system requirements – the method of implementation can differ.

Here are examples of how each of these four certification schemes can benefit your organization:

  • BRC – Tends to be descriptive in expectations, which can be a good fit for companies new to certification audits.
  • FSSC – A possible fit for companies with skills to document scientific and legal justifications for their approach, leading to greater flexibility.
  • SQF – Flexibility to start with food safety and legality, adding the quality level at a later time.
  • IFS – A risk-based standard that provides documented justification, allowing for custom site requirements.

Alleviate uncertainty in choosing the right GFSI certification scheme for your organization with the help of AIB International’s comprehensive list of factors to consider when make that decision. 

The upcoming GFSI 2020 Conference in Seattle, Washington, is another excellent opportunity to connect with AIB International professionals to assist in selecting the scheme that best fits your organization or maximizing the one already is place. Join us Feb. 25-28 to meet our experts, learn how to prepare the next generation of food safety leaders and gain insights into how to best support organizational culture that is committed to food safety.

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