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When Your Cookie Crumbles, Call on AIB International’s Assign an Expert
When Your Cookie Crumbles, Call on AIB International’s Assign an Expert

Don’t cry over spilled milk. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

These clichés are meant to reassure us when things don’t go our way, but they can be hollow comfort when the rubber meets the road.

This can be especially true in our facilities, where unexpected change, whether due to personnel-related issues, sudden growth or new market trends, can be a disruption. And while it’s impossible to always be prepared for every surprise, you can be confident in your ability to overcome those challenges. The key is having AIB International in your corner.

Among our many services and products, we’re proud to offer Assign an Expert. When you suddenly find yourself with a handful of lemons or crumbling Christmas cookies (actually, we can help with that too!) and are in need of an additional sanitarian, food safety manger, baking consultant, food labeling consultant or other technical expert, Assign an Expert can provide you with the perfect fit. Our experts are available to fill positions for a week, a month, or longer depending on your needs. They are prepared to step into complex operations to oversee management, closures, high-risk issues and other tasks that warrant specialized expertise.

In addition to training and consulting, our experts can offer GMP inspections, supplier assessments, co-manufacturer assessments, troubleshooting and much more during their assignment at your facility. Their presence will help ensure that your facility will have the expertise necessary to not only maintain operations, but also excel.

When “milk spills” and you need a highly-qualified extra pair of hands at your facility, our Assign an Expert service can keep you on the right track. Schedule or learn more today.

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