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The Importance of Self-Inspection: AIB International Bringing the Future Into Focus
The Importance of Self-Inspection: AIB International Bringing the Future Into Focus

The self-inspection process is crucial to your facility’s success in ensuring food safety. That’s why AIB International is developing tools to take self-inspection into the future and make them more easily accessible to you and your team.

According to Bakerpedia, self-inspection is a useful tool for ensuring regulatory compliance for FDA food-safety issues, local health requirements and OSHA workplace safety standards. And while not required by the FDA or other agencies, self-inspection also supports your facility in being better prepared for an unannounced third-party audit.

AIB International offers a variety of resources to help you feel confident in your self-inspection process. If you’re wondering what to look for or feeling unsure about the process, reference this post for resources and a list of past blogs that will lead you in the right direction. 

We’re also excited to announce the next level in self-inspection training with VirtualInspector, our immersive training simulator that empowers facility leaders to identify food safety issues in their plant and build confidence in the process.

Through VirtualInspector, participants will sharpen inspection techniques through immersive participation. Although entertaining in nature, this format effectively bridges the gap between theory and practice. Self-inspection team members will practice identifying GMP violations that can’t be easily replicated without wasting raw materials or compromising food safety.

You and your team will not only learn to effectively identify food safety issues, but how to correctly resolve them and ensure compliance with applicable regulatory requirements, certification standards and industry best practices. The training also allows you to learn from AIB International’s trusted, knowledgeable experts and through a program that is self-paced and convenient for you and your staff.

VirtualInspector is the future of food safety self-inspection training and an immersive new way to engage your team in the inspection process. It will provide you the peace of mind to know that when an inspector calls, you will be prepared to show them your facility.

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