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On-Site Kill Step Consulting Takes Your Facility’s Validation to the Next Level
On-Site Kill Step Consulting Takes Your Facility’s Validation to the Next Level

Time and temperature. Not only are they important to the baking process, but both are necessary to kill harmful pathogens at the point of production, ensuring food safety and maintaining consumer confidence in your brand and products. But how do you validate the kill step as a food safety control? 

AIB International’s free kill step calculators are an innovative and effective way to validate your facility’s baking process. By recording baking time and temperature, this tool demonstrates the effectiveness of a baking process to destroy Salmonella spp. in a variety of bakery products.

You’re left with peace of mind that you’re not only complying with the FSMA validation requirement, but also keeping consumers safe in the process.

Take your validation process one step further by utilizing our Kill Step Validation (KSV) Consulting services. Once scheduled, one of our trained baking professionals will visit your bakery to identify your oven’s cold spot, determine your product’s internal temperature and calculate the lethality of your baking process using both the kill step calculator and our own data-logging equipment. Once completed, you’ll receive a KSV report that can be used as supporting documentation for FSMA validation.

Our experts have consistently been at the forefront of kill step validation research. Dr. Kantha Channaiah, AIB International’s director of microbiology, authored a peer-reviewed scientific article in the Journal of Food Protection in 2016, asking bakers around the world to evaluate whether the hamburger bun baking process destroys Salmonella spp. The following year, Dr. Channaiah – along with other researchers – published “Validation of the baking process as a kill step for controlling Salmonella in muffins” in the International Journal of Food Microbiology.

Dr. Channaiah is an excellent example of our continued commitment to the baking industry’s success, as well as to consumer safety. You can put this expertise to use in your facility when you schedule your Kill Step Consulting session – your peace of mind will thank you.

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