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BakePro Certification: Customizing Trusted Expertise at your Convenience
BakePro Certification: Customizing Trusted Expertise at your Convenience

Training is crucial to staying ahead of the curve in the baking industry. When considering the types of training that would be most beneficial for your facility and employees, it’s important to remember the three C’s:

  • Customized
  • Cost-effective
  • Convenient

There is something to be said for traditional training – coming together with other baking professionals in one location, networking and learning alongside one another. However, some challenges call for more in-depth solutions that takes your specific team, formula, equipment and facility into consideration. That’s what you’ve asked for from AIB International.

That’s why we launched the BakePro Certification, our latest training innovation that addresses these three C’s and more. BakePro Certification takes training and consulting directly to you. That’s right: an AIB International expert travels to your facility to train your team and help troubleshoot your challenges happening in real time on your equipment.

Here’s How it Works

After enrolling in two basic online baking courses – Bakers Math & Science and Function of Ingredients –choose up to three product types your team will focus on. Options range from artisan bread to yeast-raised doughnuts, with the full list available online.

Then, an AIB International baking professional will visit your location for up to five days per product type, working alongside participants to cover process control, function of ingredients, product scoring and troubleshooting.

To help you implement your new knowledge and skills, you will continue to receive coaching from our baking professionals for up to six months after the on-site program is complete. This mentoring  provides your team with confidence to continue troubleshooting on their own.

In the end, you and your team will learn to troubleshoot and address the specific challenges faced in your facility with specific solutions and without the inconvenience and cost of traveling. AIB International heard what you were asking for and we have delivered with the new BakePro Certification.

Ready to become a Certified BakePro? Learn more here. If you’re ready to schedule your on-site session, call 800-633-5137 or email us today!

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