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Tip of the Week: Self-Inspection – Do You Know Where to Start?
Tip of the Week: Self-Inspection – Do You Know Where to Start?

Do you understand your priorities during a facility self-inspection? Or what to look for in various trouble spots that are important to facility maintenance and sanitation? And how often you should be conducting a self-inspection? As part of a multidisciplinary self-inspection program, each of these questions should be addressed to help identify and correct issues before they become serious.

If you’re not feeling prepared for a self-inspection, then read "Strategies for food production infrastructure maintenance," from Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, featuring insights from AIB International’s Stephen Ward, manager, quality assurance, EMEA GMPs.

You can also reference a few of our past blogs for direction on conducting a self-inspection:

To further develop a well-trained self-inspection team that is empowered to take ownership of their food safety programs, take a look at our new VirtualInspector. This immersive training simulation prepares users to look for food safety issues throughout a plant setting and document their findings with corrective actions that provide resolution.

Then, do you want to see how your self-inspections measure up to a globally-recognized audit or inspection by one of our Food Safety Professionals? Contact us to schedule a thorough facility inspection and ensure that your food safety programs achieve their potential.

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