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Food Brands Turn to AIB International’s 6P Approach to Meet the Evolving Demand of Food Safety
Food Brands Turn to AIB International’s 6P Approach to Meet the Evolving Demand of Food Safety

Exclusive approach creates a one-stop shop for food brands to improve response strategies during times of crisis; AIB International services can evaluate a crisis management plan for a better food safety experience

The 6P approach developed and perfected by AIB International is a systematic method to ensure that all elements for creating, implementing, and sustaining a successful crisis management plan are considered and developed. The 6Ps stand for: Plan, Prepare, Practice, Perform, Probe, and Perfect.

Not only does this approach include training and practicing for crisis events, but it also covers evaluating and measuring performance where improvements are needed to reach the desired outcome after a crisis event.

“The 6P approach not only covers development of a crisis management plan but encourages the team to train everyone for smooth implementation, evaluate the team performance after the event for troubleshooting, and adjust the plan to better handle future crisis events.” said Peg Ray, Technical Services Manager North America at AIB International. “Additionally, this approach includes auditing and team readiness to ensure that the plan is able to be executed as designed.”

Furthermore, the approach requires the food defense team to tailor the plan to what will likely occur at their specific location. Having a practiced team allows for smarter decisions during a crisis event. Often a crisis management plan is not static but needs to flex with changing events. With the Traceability & Recall Online + Crisis Management Online Training Package from AIB International, the food defense team can tweak the plan to ensure that they are even more prepared moving forward.

This approach is exclusive to AIB International as it was developed as a result of working with clients during times of crisis. AIB International has helped many global food brands identify opportunities for better preparation and planning to help them more effectively handle crisis events moving forward.

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