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Ask Our Labeling Professionals: What Resources Are You Reading?
Ask Our Labeling Professionals: What Resources Are You Reading?

If you’re looking for food labeling resources for further education, inspiration, or development, you’re in luck. We polled our Labeling Professionals for their must-read resources. Scroll down for their picks and let us know if you have any questions for our labeling professionals.

  1. FDA Notices from U.S. Food and Drug Administration

This is the number one resource where regulatory news breaks first. By signing up for FDA alerts in the food labeling category, you’ll receive instant access to guidance documents, CFSAN Constituent updates, recall notices, and deadline announcements. We discuss the content of many FDA notice updates on our Food First blog, where AIB Labeling Professionals clear up confusion and breakdown the details. Some of our clients find it informative to read the FDA notices first then turn to the Food First blog to focus on the details that apply to their product’s nutrition label. Using the two resources is a good win for everyone!


  1. USDA Food Safety and Inspection Services Notices

Similar to the FDA notices, USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service Notices provide public health notices for meat, poultry, and processed egg products. USDA also has the same mission the food industry believes in – the safety of the American food supply. The notices give summary data on active recall cases involving USDA-regulated food products which can affect FDA-regulated food as well. This powerful resource will provide a lot of content to discuss with your team.


  1. FoodNavigator-USA

An influencer to follow is Elaine Watson, Editor at FoodNavigator-USA. Watson and team deliver industry news for the food and beverage market. In addition to the global industry news on the site, we recommend viewing the webinar topics related to food labeling. The hottest topic for Watson recently is the clean meat debate, now being called cell-based meat. Another topic the industry is closely watching is the discussion of plant-based milks. Will FDA continue to allow them to be named as milk (qualified with the plant name)? We’re watching and following along to see what happens.


  1. SmartBrief Food & Beverage

SmartBriefs combines email newsletters, trade association publications, and professional societies into one resource. It’s a blog collection of top stories from around the globe. The site features a trending list along with social media buttons to share content on LinkedIn. Browse through the content here and see what conversations it kicks off.


  1. Food Business News

The slogan “News, Markets, and Analysis for the Food Processing Industry” accurately describes Food Business News. This publication is owned and operated by Sosland Publishing with the ability to customize the content directly to your inbox. In addition to reading the digital edition, our Food Labeling Professionals also often read the print magazine. Food Business News is tailored to industry channels such as food manufacturers, food service, retailers, and suppliers.


Have an additional resource to share? Please post that in the comments section below!

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Avatar  Carol Pike Long, ALP 3 years agoReply

I use all these except SmartBrief, and we sell internationally, so thank you! I have signed up for 2 newsletters.
I also enjoy and learn from the Food Label Community and Food Law Latest groups on LinkedIn.

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