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Tip of the Week: Incorporating Pulse Ingredients into Cracker Formulations
Tip of the Week: Incorporating Pulse Ingredients into Cracker Formulations

Pulse ingredients are best exemplified by peanuts and soybeans. However, many other varieties have gained popularity. Yellow pea, black bean, faba bean, and red lentil flours and proteins have been incorporated into a variety of baked goods. Pulses are rich in protein, protein quality, soluble fiber, insoluble fiber antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and low in oil content. Pulses are also free of gluten and other allergens that must be declared in labels.

AIB International's researchers recently collaborated with the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council on a project to examine the usage level and impact on absorption and quality characteristics of pulse ingredients. For that research, AIB test baked wheat snack crackers to determine the maximum level of flour replacement. Then we tested a large variety of pulse ingredients at that maximum level. The milling of pulses includes the process of removing the outer husk and splitting the grain into two equal halves. Traditional milling to flour and blending can result in baked goods such as breads, biscuit, and breakfast cereals. Other pulse processing such as cooking, frying, and extrusion can result in snack bars, chips, and quick cook items. And finally, the pulse processing of germination, fermentation or dehulling can result in treated flours that have high protein and higher fiber. See one of the photos below from the project:

Through this R&D project, AIB concluded that most pulse ingredients could successfully replace up to 30% of the whole wheat flour in our formulation with adjustments to water and processing controls. Another benefit of using pulse ingredients to produce a cracker is the increased nutritional profile and the source of fiber.  

Many R&D labs cannot facilitate a proper test of new cracker products due to the limitation of their small scale lab setting. AIB’s pilot plant equipment and facility is designed to perform such tests when scaling up.

“The food industry can benefit from the expanded options of using pulse ingredients.” Renee Boeckman, R&D Manager. “AIB can provide technical assistance with formulation and processing challenges when developing cracker products.”

To discuss your application needs, please contact our Bakery Technical Assistance team. Work with our team of experts for your highly specialized projects such as bakery technical solutions, food regulatory guidance, analytical testing approaches, retail, and wholesale production.

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