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BRCGS certification for logistics and warehouses

Ensure Product Quality and Safety

The BRCGS Global Standard for Storage and Distribution certification audit is specifically designed for logistics operations at any point in the distribution chain that are responsible for food or packaging. It effectively bridges the gap between safety at food manufacturer and retailer sites by promoting best practices and facilitating a process of continuous improvement through a risk-based product safety management system. The goal is to ensure that product quality and safety are maintained throughout storage and distribution.

  • Storage and/or distribution operations to which the Standard is applied can be at any point in the distribution chain from primary production to retail.
  • This Standard is flexible as operations can implement the full scope, or a scope relevant to their operation, such as Storage only, Distribution Only, Transport Only.
  • Additional modules can be chosen to cover e-commerce, cross-docking, wholesale, contracted packing, inspection and waste management.

The BRCGS Global Standard for Storage and Distribution is an internationally-recognized certification that encourages best practices within the storage and distribution chain, ensuring product quality and food safety are maintained. Duration is based on size and complexity of the facility and its operations, but most require 1.5 days on site with an additional half day devoted to writing the report and managing the corrective action process.

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Certification is provided by AIB International Certification Services, a wholly owned subsidiary and separate company. Use of AIB International’s consulting and training services does not influence certification outcome.