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Media Resources

AIB International was founded in 1919 as a technology and information center for bakers and food processors. Our original mission, to "put science to work for the baker," is a theme that remains central to our programs and services, even as we expand to accommodate the baking industry’s growing needs.

Here you’ll find press releases, news, and other noteworthy articles featuring AIB International, or you can read more about us in our 2018 Annual Report.

Press Releases

Read more about AIB’s most recent accomplishments and notable news here in our Press Releases. Contact with any questions about the information contained in the releases.

Title Date
AIB International Celebrates 100th Anniversary at IBIE 9/3/2019
AIB International Will Facilitate 14 Sessions at IBIE 8/28/2019
AIB International to Launch VirtualInspector at IBIE 8/26/2019
AIB International Celebrates 100 years with New Brand and Programs 2/26/2019
AIB International Hires New Head of Global Sales Strategy 12/20/2018
AIB International announces new Baking Process Kill Step Calculator for fruit filled pastry 12/4/2018

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