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Flexible, Efficient, Safe, GMP Services

Demonstrate the same dedication to providing safe, high-quality products by challenging your Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) program online with Hybrid GMP Audits or Virtual Risk Assessment.

  • Highest GMP standards: Similar to our on-site GMP inspection, the new hybrid and virtual options are based on the AIB International Consolidated Standards for Inspection and provide your customers with assurance of your GMP.
  • No production interruptions: Hybrid and virtual audits mean your GMP program is reviewed without interrupting production

Hybrid GMP Audit

With an online document review and unannounced on-site inspection, the Hybrid GMP audit provides both efficiency and rigor.

This is the process you can expect:

  1. Preparation: We provide you with a list of documents to have ready for the Hybrid GMP Audit. Choose your virtual platform.
  2. Online document audit: We conduct an interactive review of your records and documents in an educational format. Questions from the team are encouraged. You’ll receive an unscored draft of the report.
  3. Unannounced physical inspection: We schedule this inspection within six months of the online document audit.
  4. Audit report: You receive your certificate and complete report with a score and findings from the document review and physical inspection.

Virtual Risk Assessment

This 100% online inspection is perfect for small low-risk facilities, such as warehouses and packaging manufacturing or very simple food manufacturing sites that meet the requirements outlined by the AIB International quality assurance team. It is also a great option when onsite GMP inspections are not possible because of major events in the country, such as natural disasters or political unrest.

This is the process you can expect:

  1. Preparation: We provide your facility with a list of documents to have ready for the Virtual Risk Assessment. Choose your virtual platform.
  2. Camera rehearsal: Identify and prepare your team member who will act as the camera operator during the inspection. He or she should be able to take direction from us to display points of interest during the inspection. The camera operator should practice in-house before inspection day.
  3. Prepare your tools: Provide a high-intensity flashlight and operator to assist the camera operator during the inspection. Make sure keys for rooms and bait stations are ready for the inspection.
  4. Participate! Encourage your team to come with questions to make the most of this educational experience.

Case Study – How Amcor Prepares for COVID-19 Recovery with Hybrid GMP Audits

Download the Case Study

Keeping Safety First

Our food safety professionals use the industry acclaimed AIB International Consolidated Standards as a guide for Virtual Risk Assessments & Hybrid Audit. Our standards are tailored to address the unique challenges of different operations in the food and beverage supply chain.

Download the Standards

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