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Reduce Your Recall Risk

The Foreign Material Control Program Assessment identifies gaps in your facility’s written program and its execution to minimize physical contaminants in your products. A strong foreign material control program reduces your risk of costly product recalls.

  • Strengthen your foreign material control measures
  • Tap into the vast expertise of our foreign material experts
  • Get actionable recommendations that work for your facility

The assessment allows for an examination of employee practices and employee interviews, as well as an inspection of plant and equipment conditions.

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Did you know?

Foreign material is the third leading cause of product recalls in the United States.

How the Process Works

The Foreign Material Control Program Assessment is an interactive evaluation of your foreign material program and how it is executed in your day-to-day operations.

  1. Opening meeting: We review protocols and prepare your team for the assessment.
  2. Document review: We review your foreign material customer complaints, list of foreign material devices used in your facility, monitoring documentation, and programs relevant to foreign material control.
  3. Physical inspection: Our auditor evaluates your foreign material program execution, collects any foreign materials found, and interviews employees on their understanding of foreign material control.
  4. Exit meeting: We host a collaborative discussion with you on findings and how to identify the root cause of foreign materials found.
  5. Report: You receive an executive summary highlighting key areas of opportunity in program development and supporting documentation, plant conditions indicating poor execution, and personnel training, understanding, and ownership.

Skilled & Seasoned Inspectors

AIB International’s team of experienced food safety professionals (FSPs) help you minimize your risk of food contamination and exceed your customers’ expectations for food safety and quality.

  • Learn how your food plant complies with industry standards
  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses
  • Correct systemic problems
  • Develop and maintain a world-class food safety program

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