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Contact us to schedule your Intrusion Test.

Put Your Food Defense Program
to the Test

In this unannounced intrusion test, our food defense expert will scope out your facility and attempt to gain access to your facility’s sensitive areas with a convincing cover story to challenge how your food defense programs and personnel training perform in a real-world scenario. At the end of the day and a half test, you’ll receive an in-depth report of your facility’s strengths and vulnerabilities, so you can close gaps and reinforce your programs.

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How the Intrusion Test Works

  1. We will coordinate with you to obtain a permit letter, the name of a shift supervisor, site plans, and shift patterns.
  2. We will visit your facility during daytime and nighttime to note observations and check for unlocked entry points, logistic movements, habits of security personnel, and shift changes.
  3. Next we will attempt to enter your facility with a convincing cover story.
  4. If we get inside, we will attempt to access as many sensitive areas as we can.
  5. At the end of the intrusion test, we will meet with the on-site team to discuss the exercise and findings.
  6. We will provide a detailed report so you can close gaps and strengthen your facility’s food defense programs.

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