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Learn How to Effectively Evaluate Plant Operations

Inspection Only is a detailed, unscored inspection of your entire food facility, including processing areas, product storage areas, support areas, and exterior grounds focused on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements. We’ll spend 100% of our visit on the floor with your team, training them about sanitation, maintenance, personnel practices, and IPM, all based on the AIB International Consolidated Standards.

  • Support your GFSI Audit program: Understand how well prerequisite programs are actually executed in your facility.
  • Understand on-site inspections: Identify and resolve food safety issues rather than review paperwork.
  • Schedule at your convenience: Schedule this training on a “down” day, so your team has the opportunity to tear down and internally inspect equipment.
  • Improve team communication: Help your team understand the reasons behind GMPs and collaborate on top issues requiring improvement, and encourage open discussion.

How the Training Works

Inspection Only is an exercise that ranges from noting only critical items to assigning a score . There’s no limit to the number of participants in this training inspection, so invite your whole team! This is a great learning experience for new hires and managers.

  1. Premeeting: Our Food Safety Professional meets your team.
  2. Inspection & discussion: We conduct a physical inspection, exterior and interior, of your facility. No records or programs will be reviewed unless there is an audit trail requiring this. Findings and risks will be discussed immediately on the floor.
  3. Audit trail: Upon request, using this interactive exercise, your team will learn how to follow the audit trail based on the findings.
  4. Exit meeting: We’ll discuss top issues requiring improvement.

Focus on Your GMP Compliance Risks

Our GMP experts will discuss the inspection findings and identified risks with you as the inspection progresses and suggest opportunities for improvement and corrective actions.

  • How the plant looks
  • How the grounds look
  • How the equipment works
  • How people clean

Support your existing certification audits with thorough on-site physical inspections.

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The audit is very helpful in maintaining good quality and adhering to the food safety and quality policy of our company. The auditor has given a lot of good suggestions to continuously improve our rating.

– Dairy processor

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