Inspections & Consulting - GMP, Food Defense, HACCP, Gluten Free Certification, Supplier/Vendor Audits

Inspections & Consulting

Realize the fullest potential of your food safety programs with AIB International's globally-recognized audits, inspections, and consulting services. Our team of experienced food safety professionals (FSPs) help you minimize your risk of food contamination and exceed your customers’ expectations for food safety and quality.

Our thorough facility assessments provide a 360-degree view of how your on-the-floor practices measure up to your documentation. We can help you uphold your product integrity, comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and achieve GFSI recognition. Our global team of FSPs serves the entire supply chain, from food and beverage processing facilities to distribution centers and packaging manufacturers.

Assign an Expert

Assign an Expert
Minimize operation disruption with temporary on-site technical experts.
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A warehouse facility’s truck receiving doors with outdoor lighting and fencing
Food Defense
Protect against intentional contamination and workplace violence.
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A man writing on a clipboard and looking through window into manufacturing facility
Ensure your food safety management system meets internationally-recognized requirements.
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A woman wearing AIB auditor uniform and a hair net
Comply with food safety regulations with a thorough review of on-the-floor practices and documentation.
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A woman kneeling writing on a clipboard wearing an AIB auditor uniform and a hard hat
Control chemical, physical, and biological hazards with this science-based food safety tool that focuses on prevention.
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Pandemic Prepared Certification Pre-Assessment
Identify gaps between your preparedness program and the rigorous Pandemic Prepared Certification standard.
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Specialty Audits
From specialized certification audits for gluten-free products, to kill-step validation and environmental consulting, AIB offers a slew of specialty products.
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Get everything you need to support your GMP Inspection process, from forms and Consolidated Standards to flags that display your achievement.
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Consolidated Standards
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Our globally-recognized standards for inspection are key requirements that facilities must meet to prove their products are wholesome and safe
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