Why AIB International Certification Services?

Why AIB International?

What Does AIB International Offer that Other Certification Bodies (CBs) Don’t?

All certification bodies offer an unbiased assessment by an accredited independent technical expert. But there are a few ways that AIB stands out as a provider of certification services.

Auditor Consistency

We invest in consistency and take extra efforts to calibrate our auditors. An average of $100,000 is spent on every single one of our certification auditors to make sure they received upfront and ongoing training needed to do the job right.

Food Certification Expertise

We specialize in food certification. Most of our competitors also offer aerospace, maritime, and other certifications. AIBI-CS auditors and support staff are 100% dedicated to the food industry, with a focused emphasis on our core industries: grain-based foods, beverages, dairy, packaging, storage and distribution.

Our Brand, Our People

Our certification auditors are fully embedded in the food industry and latest trends and must meet AIBI-CS training and competency requirements.

Quick Response Time

Our team rocks! Our team provides a timely response to requests related to quotes, scheduling, corrective actions, and other service inquiries.

Commitment to Quality

We’re on your side. AIBl-CS is committed to providing the best possible products and services to our valued clients at the most competitive price points in the industry.

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