Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Certification

RSPO Certification

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification scheme provides a global standard to ensure the credibility of palm oil sustainability claims, while serving as a commitment and movement to transform the palm oil industry. RSPO is also a membership organization that includes oil palm farmers and exporters. Its members believe that through the adoption of this standard, the quality of life will improve for oil palm farmers and environmental resources will be conserved.

RSPO certification meets the needs of the supply chain, product manufacturers and retailers. All companies that use palm oil in Europe are required to have RSPO certification according to their country’s international commitment.  

RSPO certification is beneficial to manufacturers who want to formulate with 100 percent sustainable palm oil. Using responsibly sourced ingredients provides transparency and builds trust with consumers who are looking for brands that align with their values. Once your company has been certified, you will be able to distinguish your products with the RSPO mark on your packaging. This mark demonstrates your company’s commitment and action on protecting communities, workers, wildlife and the environment.

Why AIB International?

Founded in 1919, we have 100 years of experience working with food companies around the world to maintain their quality and safety certifications. Customers can combine RSPO and GFSI certification to save time and audit costs.

Through our partnership with IBD Certifications Ltd., we are able to provide accredited RSPO certificates. The RSPO certification includes environmental and social criteria, each of which can reduce the negative impacts of palm oil cultivation on the environment and communities. The certificate also demonstrates the traceability of palm oil products used. 

RSPO Supply Chains

Many global organizations utilize sustainable palm oil in their food production. The oil has an extensive application portfolio.

RSPO has set up 2 certification systems:

  • One to ensure that palm oil is produced sustainably called producer/grower certification or Principles & Criteria certification;
  • The other to ensure the integrity of the trade in sustainable palm oil, i.e. that palm oil sold as sustainable palm oil has indeed been produced and manufactured from certified sources

What Is the RSPO Certification Process?

1. Application
In the first stage, please submit your application and required documentation. Let us know if you want to add this certification to your GFSI certification audit.

2. Document Review
Our technical reviewers will examine your documentation for completion and conformance. If there are no issues, we will schedule an audit date.

3. On-site Audit
Our auditor will tour your site and review your operations against your submitted procedures and documents.

4. Assessment
We will develop an audit report based on our findings and provide time to respond to all Corrective Action Requests.

5. Certification
Once all Corrective Action Requests have been closed, certification can be granted.

6. Certification Maintenance
After certification, surveillance audits are then required annually and re-certification is required every five years.

AIB International obtains accreditation based on scheme owner's requirements.

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