BRCGS for Storage and Distribution

This certification audit bridges the gap between food manufacturers and retailers by promoting best practices and facilitating a process of continuous improvement through a risk-based product safety management system.

The goal is to ensure that product quality and safety are maintained throughout storage and distribution.

Principal Requirements

As with other BRCGS Standards, the principal requirements are the adoption of:

  • AIBI-CS has auditors competent in the following product categories.
  • Management commitment
  • Hazard and risk assessment
  • Quality Management Systems including product traceability and management of recalls
  • The site environment and operating standards, including maintenance, cleaning, pest control, product handling, and temperature control (where applicable).
  • Vehicle operating standards
  • Facility management
  • Personnel training and hygiene requirements

What Are the Key Benefits?

  • Internationally-recognized
  • Covers product quality, safety, and legality
  • Covers refrigerated and frozen food storage, ambient food storage, and consumer products
  • Encourages best practices within the distribution chain
  • Can help reduces damage and waste, thereby reducing cost

These audits generally require 1.5 days on-site. An additional half day is devoted to writing the report and managing the corrective action process.

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