Brand Reputation through Compliance Global Standards (BRCGS)

AIBI-CS offers certification to the BRCGS Global Standards for Food Safety, Packaging MaterialsStorage and Distribution, Agents and Brokers and Gluten Free.

These standards help promote consistency across the supply chain and cover critical topics such as HACCP system, factory environment, process control, quality management system, product control, and personnel.

What Are the Key Benefits?

BRCGS is often a good fit for companies who are new to certification audits because the standards are very descriptive in their expectations and provide clear direction for what is needed for each written program.

Why Use AIBI-CS Over Other BRCGS-Approved Certification Bodies?

  • AIBI-CS is a 5-Star rated Certification Body, which indicates that our auditors are well calibrated. This means our clients are less likely to have their certificates revoked or withdrawn due to procedure error by the Certification Body.
  • AIBl-CS is committed to providing the best possible products and services to our valued clients at the most competitive price points in the industry.
  • 90% of companies using AIBI-CS as their certification body stay with us. The industry average is 79.9%.
  • AIBI-CS is the leading provider of BRCGS audits in the US, leading in both the Food (25% market share) and Storage and Distribution sectors (53% market share).

What Is the BRCGS Certification Process?

  1. Pre-assessment
    An optional audit used to assess the level of a system’s compliance against the BRCGS Global Standard.
  2. Certification
    “Certification A combination document/facility audit with grades ranging from AA+ to D.
  3. Re-certification Audit
    This audit verifies continued effectiveness of facility’s system and reviews past performance over the period of the certification. Grade C results in a surveillance audit within 6 months. Grades A and B result in certification for 12 months.
    • Facilities that receive A or B grading receive certification for 12 months.
    • Facilities that receive a C grading will need a surveillance audit at 6 months.
    • Facilities that receive a D grading will need a revisit at 28 days and a surveillance audit at 6 months.
  4. Unannounced Audit
    The facility will not be informed of the audit date and the site tour will need to begin within 30 minutes of arrival. Companies can choose to have every audit be unannounced and this will be indicated on the certificate with a +, therefore the top grade becomes AA+.

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