Assign an Expert

Minimize operation disruption with temporary virtual or on-site technical experts.

Business impacts from COVID-19, personnel changes and sudden demand can impact your operations and your team's capacity. If you suddenly need an additional Sanitarian, Food Safety Manager, QA Manager or Integrated Pest Managers, AIB International's Assign an Expert service can get a technical expert on your team quickly. Our experts are available to fill positions for weeks at a time. We're well-versed at stepping into large complex operations to oversee management, closures, and high risk issues.

Get the confidence and coverage to quickly adapt your operations.

In addition to training and consulting, our experts can provide these services during their assignments:

Food Safety

GMP Inspections

Supplier Assessments

Co-Manufacturer Assessments

FDA and FSMA Assessments

GFSI coaching



Product Quality Assessments

Product Quality Troubleshooting

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Email us at to find out how you can engage one of our food safety experts to address your challenges and needs now. 

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