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Top 5 Food Safety Issues in the Beverage Industry
Based on inspections data we’ve gathered in 2020, AIB International shares the top 5 food safety issues in the beverage industry.
GMP Inspections in the time of Corona – Virtual Solutions
More than ever facilities need to limit exposure yet keep up with these possible food safety issues. AIB International has pivoted to provide Hybrid GMP Inspections and fully Virtual GMP Inspections, each of which save you time onsite, possible exposure, and money.
GMP Inspections: How to & Why
GMP inspections and audits raises the food safety standard of your facilities and help demonstrate your dedication to providing safe, high quality food products. Before elaborating on how to conduct an inspection let’s first get clear on the differences between and inspection and an audit
Raising the Food Safety Standards for Your Food Production Facility
Though Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) audits and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audits are distinctly different, they can also be complementary in a way that will benefit your food production facility.
Building Business Resilience to Pandemics and Crises - 7 Pitfalls of Pandemic Preparedness Even Top Companies Make
AIB International has created the first Pandemic Preparedness Certification Standard to identify key supply chain challenges, while offering a blueprint for designing the steps needed to proactively plan and prepare for the next inevitable event or crisis.
Integrated Pest Management – Sustainable, long term approach to managing pests in food plants
Integrated Pest Management – Sustainable, long term approach to managing pests in food plants
Pest management is essential to food safety management, yet knowledge and education about integrated pest management is lacking in the food industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the importance of prioritizing pest management and expanding in-house expertise.
Food Safety Culture: A pragmatic approach beyond compliance
Food Safety Culture: A pragmatic approach beyond compliance
We all understand that there are numerous challenges to food safety like changing food systems, food fraud incidents, tight competition between businesses, emerging pathogens and many others. Even though several inspections and audits are conducted food safety remains a major public health challenge across the globe.
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