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Stay up to date with the latest in food safety with AIB International’s webinar series. Webinars are held monthly and cover a range of topics like sanitation, food fraud, integrated pest management and more.

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2021 Webinars

BRCGS Global Standard for Ethical Trade and Responsible Sourcing
Recorded on May 20th 2021

Today’s conscious consumers are making more informed, ethical buying choices. There is also an emergence of regulation that places accountability onto businesses to ensure that workers’ rights and ethical performance is managed in their operations and supply chains. BRCGS has responded to these changes with the launch of its Global Standard for Ethical Trade and Responsible Sourcing (ETRS).  In collaboration with BRCGS, this webinar introduces the standard that will help you respond to these regulatory requirements, as well as the shifts in consumer, specifier and investor expectations.

FSSC Version 5.1 - Key Updates
Recorded on April 29th 2021

To strengthen the requirements for certification body performance, adapt to the evolution of food safety auditing, and comply with the latest benchmarking GFSI requirements, the FSSC 22000 foundation published scheme sub-version 5.1 on November 3rd, 2020. The new version became effective on April 1st, 2021 and all sites must be audited against Version 5.1 by March 31st, 2022. In this webinar, Gwenda Jarrett, AIB International’s Certification Manager, EMEA, talks through the key changes and why they are important to your business. 

How to Prepare Now for the Next Pandemic
Recorded on March 31st 2021

While the battle with COVID-19 continues in 2021; experts are saying that the next pandemic is already on the horizon. Public health and emergency management experts are already preparing for the next one. We believe that organizations should start to prepare to ensure that your business, people and supply chains are protected before the next eventuality. Watch this webinar to find out how.

Top 5 Food Safety Issues in the Beverage Industry
Recorded on January 28th 2021 

In this webinar, our Senior Category Director for Food Safety, Judi Lazaro, will be highlighting the top 5 food safety issues based on inspection findings from beverage plants. Find out the top issues so you can keep a look out for them in your facilities. 

2020 Webinars

GMP Inspections: How to Conduct & Why
Recorded on November 10, 2020

In this webinar we will be discussing  the differences between an inspection and an audit, along with how they can complement each other.  We will also explain the inspection process and resources needed to successfully complete an inspection.  In addition, we will offer insights into issues that might be observed during an inspection and methods used to correct those issues.

How to build resilience to pandemics & crises
Recorded on October 21, 2020

AIB International has created the first Pandemic Preparedness Certification Standard to identify key supply chain challenges, while offering a blueprint for designing the steps needed to proactively plan and prepare for the next inevitable event or crisis. Based on the sites we have reviewed, we will be sharing how top food, beverage and retail companies are measuring up to the Pandemic Prepared Certification standards; critical gaps in plans and recommendations for success.

Integrated Pest Management (APAC Version)
Recorded on August 17, 2020
Integrated Pest Management for the Philippines Market
Recorded on 24 September, 2020

Pest management is essential to food safety management, yet knowledge and education about integrated pest management is lacking in the food industry. In this webinar, find out the difference between pest control and integrated pest management, how to identify common pests and strategies to control pest populations.

Food Safety Culture: A pragmatic approach for going beyond compliance (APAC Version)
Recorded on 15 July, 2020 
Food Safety Culture: Indonesia Edition Indonesia Edition
Recorded on December 15, 2020 , Language: Bahasa Indonesia

Food safety culture is no longer an addendum or just an audit criterion, it is a belief that needs to be embedded within the core of every food establishment. Most of us are aware of its importance but are unable to effectively change or assess the organization’s culture. Efforts are placed to address the visible aspects of culture but in the real food environment, the invisible culture plays a much more significant role and will have the biggest impact on food safety. The big question is - Where and how do we start?

Top 10 Most Asked COVID-19 Questions 
Recorded  on June 4, 2020
In this webinar we will address the most frequently asked COVID-19 questions. Join us to get actionable insights you can implement to address the food industry's new normal.

Top 5 COVID-19 Actionable Recommendations 
Recorded on 21 May, 2020
With so many conflicting information in the market, we walk you through the actions you need to take  in your manufacturing facility  moving forward in the COVID-19 "new normal".

Sanitation & COVID-19
Recorded on 6 May, 2020
Jesse Leal, Food Safety Professional, will offer insights into how COVID-19 will change how we clean, sanitize and verify sanitation in food plants. He will also speak to how onboarding and continuous training need to be enhanced and enforced to meet the challenge.

Food Fraud & COVID-19
Recorded on 23 April, 2020
Earl Arnold, AIB International's food fraud, food defense and FSMA subject matter expert  discusses food fraud and why its important to implement mitigation measures right now.

Change Management & COVID-19
Recorded on 9 April, 2020
In this webinar, Jill Carson, Operations Manager, and Vikas Menon, Quality Assurance Manager, highlights mitigation plans and food safety evaluation during times of crises.

Food Safety & COVID-19
Recorded on 26 March, 2020
Kantha Channaiah, Director of Microbiology, and Jill Carson, Manager of Operations, Asia Pacific shares our current understanding of the situation and best practice recommendations to continue ensuring food safety. 

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